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Forum Rules and Rights!

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Forum Rules and Rights! Empty Forum Rules and Rights!

Post by Danny on Sun Jun 02, 2013 10:04 pm

    Staff Rights:
    We have the right to....
  • ... move or delete your thread with or without a reason.
  • ... edit your messages without your consent.
  • ... edit your signatures without your consent.
  • ... ban you with or without a reason.
  • ... log into your account without your consent.
  • ... change your log in ID and/or password without your consent.

    Members' Rights:
    You have the right to......
  • .... Create as many accounts you want
  • .... Swear (Not to others or to offend)
  • .... Download attachments
  • .... Share your account with others

    Forum Rules:
  • Use the search button before asking for support
  • Do not offend one's religion
  • Do not bump a thread that is over 15 days old.
  • Do not go off topic (Make a new thread...)
  • No advertising other servers
  • No giving downloads if they're password protected
  • No impersonating a staff member --includes in-game--
  • Avoid useless spamming posts (Thanks, Hi, Lol funny, I hate you, you're gay, etc.)
  • No talking about other servers, even if they're shut down.
  • No abusing glitches or exploits.

    Your Behavior:
  • Do not swear AT someone or to offend others. (Flame(Take it to the Private Message System))
  • Minimize the use of trolling
  • You're not allowed to challenge the staff

    Your images CANNOT CONTAIN:
  • .... Gore, racism, or anyway to offend others.
  • .... advertisement banners or images to other servers.

  • We all know there are things called "loopholes"
    Again we have the right to deny service even when you do a loophole.

    No-Notice Update
  • The rules will update without your notice as time goes on, so we recommend you to re-read the forum rules time after time...

    Reserved Rights
  • We reserve the rights to deny service to anyone. (Which means we have the right to do whatever that's not listed above.)


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