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Post by Zeus on Tue Jun 25, 2013 4:02 pm

Today, I will be showing you how to download Captivated. On the website, it says to download the v83 files to your GMS Maplestory folder.

Q - What if I want to still play GMS?! Will I have to re-download?!
A - You will have to re-download if you follow the guide provided on the download page. Read further for more information.

According to the guide on the download page, you must overwrite your GMS files in order to get the correct v83 files. 


Here's the guide in order to download and keep both Maplestory folders.

1. Create a folder on your desktop named "CaptivatedMS".

2. Open MSSetupv83.

3. When it says download to: "C:/Nexon/Maplestory", redirect the download to the folder you just created on your desktop.

4. Open both .RAR's provided by the download page, and move the .wz's into your CaptivatedMS folder.

5. Open the CaptivatedMS client, and enjoy Captivated! 


GMS May or May not open when you try to run the client. The only known way to fix the error is by moving CaptivatedMS into the Recycling Bin. When you want to play CaptivatedMS again, move the folder back onto your desktop.


If you want a desktop shortcut, right click the client, click on "Create Shortcut", then move the shortcut onto your desktop, and launch the client!

Reason of making this guide: I've noticed that a lot of people don't know a lot about downloads, so I made this guide.

If a GM wants, They can take credit although I made the guide. I don't need any credit.

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