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FAQ guide and tips

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FAQ guide and tips Empty FAQ guide and tips

Post by Danny on Sun Jun 02, 2013 10:11 pm

?Technical Stuff
Q: Why do I keep dcing?
A: Either that you have bad internet connection or you didn't download the right files. We suggest that you start off with a clean v83 folder.
Q: Every time I start it up there is _______ Error in it!
A: First up calm your titties and look at the Error Code Guide
Q: Can you play this on Windows 8?
A: Yea, you just need to modified the client using this guide

Q: How do I find the list of commands?
A: @commands in game
Q: How do I change my look?
A: @stylist for the most recent hair styles click Custom Hair
Q: What if I want to ask help from a GM?
A: @gm <message> make sure you have a legit reason to call them. If abused you will have a warning then jailed.
Q: What do I do with my 2 bil?
A: do @buyenv and you get 1 Money Envelope
Q: Where can I buy pots, buffs, boss pieces, and rocks?
A: @shop it should have all the necessary stuff you need for 1 mesos each
Q: Where can I buy equips?
A: @fmnpc > All in One or talk to Fredrick in FM
Q: What command is for the warper NPC?
A: For towns just use @go, if you want more options use @spinel
Q: How do I check my stats and other people's?
A: @check for yourself, @check <ign> for other people

Q: Where do I train?
A: First start off in Newbie Island (in FM Entrance), you are able to train there until you have reached 15 rebirths. Then you should be able to train yourself in FM 2-6 with custom spawners
Q: How do I use auto rebirth function?
A: just @autorebirth, if you want to turn it off just use the command again
Q: How do I use auto currency exchanger?
A: @autoenv, if you want to turn it off just use the command again
Q: What classes are used?
A: Explorer, Aran and Cygnus. GM Skills are also obtainable.
Q: How do I max my skills?
A: @skillmaxer
Q: Where can I make MSI?
A: In FM 1, you need 32767 in all stats, 2 Vote Points, and 10 Money Envelopes

?Currency Stuff
Q: What is the main currency in CaptivatedStory?
A: Money Envelopes FAQ guide and tips 04000174 obtainable by getting 2 bil and typing in @buyenv
Q: What are Maple Coins?
A: They drop from every monster in Captivated, you can exchange them at Coin Shop for pendants, belts, medals and mounts or exchanger them at Exchanger for 1,500 for 1 Money Envelope
Q: What are Vote Points?
A: You get 1 every time you vote, you can exchange vote points with other players by using Vote Trader.
For more information about Currency use this guide

Q: How do you get NX?
A: 2 ways of getting NX, you vote which give you 6.9k or killing a certain about of monsters. You can also exchange vote points for NX using Vote Point in FM 1.
Q: Where can I do Jump Quests?
A: Go to FM 1 and talk to Jump Quests, pick one and you will be warped to that map.
Q: When are events held?
A: When there is enough people online. You can request an event when there is enough people online or create your own. (if you spam GMs to have events you will be warned then jailed)
Q: What do you get from winning an event?
A: You get a GM token that could be exchange for a rare item. (Does not include Wizet items and some other item)
Q: Where can I get Rare NX?
A: Getting a GM token, you can either win an event or buy it off someone.


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