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How to buy home

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How to buy home Empty How to buy home

Post by Danny on Sun Jun 02, 2013 10:07 pm

?Home: @home command is used to make any map your home (some maps are unavailable such as GM map, event maps, etc.)
So the default @home setting is Henesys, whats fun about this you can change it just by going to the may you want to be your home and @buyhome. Now every time you use @home or @gohome it will go to the map that you last use @buyhome. It will continue to stay the same until you change it, if you have wanna change it just do @buyhome and it will change.

?Guild Hideout: it works the same way as house except you use @sethideout instead of @buyhome and every player that's in your guild can go to that place by doing @hideout. It is useful if you guys wanna have meetings or just wanna hang out with a place where only your guild members will be there! But only the master of the guild can set the hide out.

Enjoy your homes and Happy Mapling How to buy home Cheekpuniplz


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