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DarkGenex's Intern application

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DarkGenex's Intern application Empty DarkGenex's Intern application

Post by hunter8290 on Fri Jun 07, 2013 10:30 am

Tyler Moore

Florida , USA


I am currently 14 years old and will be 15 on October 28th 2013

Why do you deserve to be INTERN:
As a mature and responsible person, i believe i have the capability to become INTERN as i have serious ambition when it comes to dealing with situations where action needs to take place. I handle it as politely and orderly as possible. I am a fun person to chat around who is always in a cheerful mood. For example i may be just talking to some people in Henesys, how ever if there is an urgent or minor problem which a INTERN needs to handle i will oblige to the rules given by the Owner Matt and not abuse powers in anyway. I will give warnings and explain the consequences of repeating such a thing. How ever some may have a limit to whether or not serious actions needs to take place. Hosting events is also a aspect which i enjoy. I like to host events as it gives all players an equal chance to enjoy the server the way every one else does. This does not mean hosting events every day/ hour, but at times where possibly requested or one has not been held in a while.

What makes me deserve INTERN on the Server:
I am a person who takes the job as seriously as possible regardless of what the matter is. This can include dealing with friends on the server or INTERN's on the servers, the rules must be followed no matter who it is. Hosting events as mentioned in above is a hobby of mine. Since i have had experience i am no newbie at handling situations but of course i will always try my best to improve my skills.

Have you had any past or present experiences as a INTERN:
I have been a LVL2 Intern(JuniorGM) on a Server called TwinkleStory but was shutdown after i had gotten the job Intern

If You Don't Recieve INTERN will you Leave this Server:
Straight answer no. As a good person and alike people, leaving the server is the last thing in my mind. And plus why would i leave a great growing server. Obviously i'll have times off due to Holidays, Exams etc... but other than that no i will not leave such a top class server.

How long have you been playing Maplestory for?:
I have been playing Maplestory since i was 6/7 years old so over 7 years of experience.

How long have you been playing Maplestory private servers for?:
I started playing Maplestory private servers when i was 6. My first server was xDreamerMS. So i'd say 7 years at the most.

How long have you been playing CaptivatedStory for:
Well its tough to say really. I believe i have been playing for a little over a week but i have much experience and i am a fast learner.

How much time can you dedicate to the server:
I'd say on school days between 3-6 hours a day since i come home at 4pm and then i need to do a bit of studying. On weekends i can spend between 10-24.. hours a day which i split in to two different timings so i can help people between different time zones. When it comes to holidays however, e.g. summer break, winter break etc... I have my free will, so when i have time i will most likely be online. Summer break starts for me on June 6th and ends in September so i will be active in-game quiet often.

How active are you on the forums:
Being active on the forums isn't a problem because i can access it on my phone or computer. I say i'm always checking out the forums for new things but i guess i don't really comment much. However if i am taken on i will make the forum the same level priority as being a INTERN.


I prefer Skype i do not check mail that often

Additional Info:
I have always been a fan of Maplestory and have played it since i was a kid. I like making the community a better place as well as trying to make the server grow.


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DarkGenex's Intern application Empty Re: DarkGenex's Intern application

Post by Danny on Fri Jun 07, 2013 3:34 pm


Reason: You created your account on 2013-06-07 07:08:13 which is today, i'm sorry but you will no longer be able to post any applications. because of you lied about how long you played, Also I don't care if you say sorry, or that you didn't know or that u forgot it. I don't care for any reasons.

Perm Denied.


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