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Post by Danny on Sun Jun 02, 2013 10:10 pm

1.) Go to the CaptivatedStory Website here, then click Downloads
Download Guide 3p6o30Jl
Download Guide IRgXH8Zl
2.) They're 2 different downloads, I usually pick the first one which is GameFront
Download Guide Xf4XGKXl
3.) Click Download and and wait 5 seconds, it will start downloading soon after. If it doesn't try it again or use the 2nd Mirror Link here
4.) While the client is downloading, if you don't have Maplestory v83 installed here is a guide

1.) Click MSSetupv83
2.) After MSSetupv83 opens, Terms and Conditions will open up and click agree
Download Guide AocXNap
3.) Browse where you want to put the Maplestory v83 File, I usually put the files on my desktop for easy access. Then click install
Download Guide UzTxRf2
4.) It will start installing, the installing time will usual depends on how fast your computer/laptop is. While you wait make some food, clean your room or make a sandwich or something. Download Guide Yuitwirlplz
Download Guide QsKZkEy
5.) Yay, now its complete!Download Guide Yuiheavenplz
Download Guide 2GT51ce
5.) After done downloading your Maplestory v83 and 'CaptivatedStory, open up the Maplestory v83 file and the 'CaptivatedStory.rar
Download Guide STRV5pfl
6.) Extract 'CaptivatedStory and the wizet edits into the Maplestory v83 folder then replace them
Download Guide QIAnR5Dl
7.) Click 'CaptivatedStory client (make sure you run it as admin)
8.) DONE!
Happy Mapling! Download Guide Myfeelzplz


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